Sources of inspiration and help for leading worship.

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There is a wide range of resources at the Methodist Church's website which can be found here.
A step-by-step guide to Local Arrangements can be found here.
Resources on prayer can be found here.

The Methodist Modern Art Collection has images which may be used in worship, (terms and conditions apply) and can be found here.

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Help with choosing hymns, lectionary suggestions, special Sundays, new hymns only available on the website, also links to other useful resources - can be found here.

"Since 1972 Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre, an ecumenical Christian charity, has served both the spiritual and practical needs of the rural community through a programme of community and social projects, resourcing and training."

Resources for leading worship in rural churches can be found here

 Engage worship logoEngage Worship  is a resource website with items for worship many of which are free.

Worship Ideas, including PowerPoints, sketches and other media ideas for inclusion in worship, can be found here 

Area 52 has a collection of resources linked to the Revised Common Lectionary and can be found here

 Faith  Worship logo  Faith & Worship
This website has prayer resources indexed by theme and season which can be found here.

The links which can be found here are worth exploring.

All Age Worship Resources
Services, puppet and drama scripts, prayer stations and other prayer ideas can be found here.

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There are various collections ideas for worship leading and prayer on Pinterest. If you have not visited Pinterest before it is the equivalent of an online scrap book. People gather webpages and images onto "pin boards" and the subjects of these "pin boards" are publicly searchable (although if you create your own "pin boards" it is possible to make them private and not accessible to other Pinterest users). You can build your own "pin boards" and search the content of other people's boards. Pinterest can be found here.

Drama scripts which may, or may not, be of use can be found here.

Free Bible ImagesFree sets of Bible story images for teaching, Over 1000 sets of Bible story scenes to view, project or download

CreationSwap® Free Church Graphics, Photos and Videos
Some free graphics, videos, photos and sounds can be found here